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WordPress is an incredibly popular platform for developing websites as well as hosting blogs. The functionality and flexibility of WordPress make it not only easy to work with but also an indispensable web design tool. Being easy to work with means saving time and those savings can be passed on to my customers.

Currently, I am offering a basic setup or transfer of your existing site to the popular WordPress layout known as ‘Customizr^’ for $199^^. To preview this theme/layout or to purchase additional themes, take a look at the websites listed below.



^ Customizr is a free template that meets current layout standards for all mobile devices.
^^ This price is based on 8 hours of design time, therefore a preview of your site and a breakdown of your design expectations is required to be sure I can complete the expected layout within the allotted time. Additional fees may apply.



For our customers it is about the end result, for us it is about the journey which leads us to the end result.

Our process is simple on the outside, a little more complex behind the scenes. We work hard to get you where you want to go, we work hard to create your vision, and we work even harder to envision what your customers expect. The difficulty is, only you truly know what you want and explaining it via phone or email can be difficult. We will inject our ideas into your plan and hopefully our technology and experience will fuse seamlessly with your industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

“Why WordPress and how does it help me get noticed by my customers?”

We have found the WordPress platform to be the most cohesive way to work together to reach your goals. The internet has changed and getting noticed is not as straight forward as it once was. Heavy use of location-specific references, keywords, and industry-specific tags are all a thing of the past. The new internet is a popularity contest that everyone has entered. Fortunately you don’t have to be the most popular to win, but you better be pretty well liked. Social networking has changed the way we communicate and search engines are responding by showing popular, relevant, and current information. Dynamic web content is king!

WordPress is a relatively easy way for you to keep up to date with the latest and greatest as it relates to your trade. See The Spot gets involved by updating and “tweaking” the more technical aspects that pertain to being online. This is what makes it such a great collaborative effort for the most effective outcome relating to your online presence. In short, to save you money and to key in on the specifics of your trade, you write the articles and add pictures/video and we will work in the background to make it all run smoothly and get you noticed.



Here is how we can help >


  • We set you up with a website – $99 to $999

THE DESIGN PACKAGE. We sketch a framework for your website based on information you give us, we create your website pages (e.g., standard content, contact form, etc.), we add text provided by you, we add images and/or video provided by you or us, we further customize based on your needs. Consider adding our optimization package for search engine recognition.


  • We host your website – $5 per month

THE HOSTING PACKAGE. For the small fee of $5, you get a home for your website. Nothing fancy, just a place for all your website files to reside.


  • We customize your website to contain the tools necessary for optimal online presence – $199

THE OPTIMIZATION PACKAGE. We provide the additional tools needed to further optimize your site using WordPress, clean up the potential clutter that may hinder performance, and set you up for maintenance and monitoring (we recommend hiring a professional to monitor and maintain your site regularly throughout the year…see below). Some of the components of this package include search engine submission (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing), analytics setup for Google Analytics data collection, social account linking (e.g., Twitter and Facebook), adding meta information to pages for better search engine recognition, setup of add-ons that control contact and comment form spam, content analysis for proper use of identifying characteristics for optimal page identification.


  • We provide ongoing routine maintenance to keep things running smoothly – $39

THE MAINTENANCE PACKAGE. Performance monitoring and progress reports will help you gain a “big picture” view of how you are perceived online. To remain relevant online, routine maintenance is a critical step to continually monitor performance.


Additionally, we do extra work by the hour or we give you a quote.

Please contact us with further questions – (530) 268-5120

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